Wish Lists

Because the library’s annual budget for new acquisitions is finite, there remain many delicious titles that seem forever beyond our reach. Below you’ll find our wish-lists, items that we covet but haven’t the means to procure. If after browsing the lists you discover that you have a spare copy of a title or two, perhaps you’d consider donating them to the library. We and many fellow book-lovers would be grateful beyond measure!

Classic Fiction Wish List

We’re always on the lookout for volumes that will bolster our collection of Classic Fiction. You know the books we’re talking about, the perennial classics, the books you might very well have curled up with on a rainy afternoon in your youth, the books that a library should always have on its shelves. Follow the link below to view a comprehensive list of the titles we’re especially hankering after.

Non-fiction Wish List

We’re presently hungering for non-fiction books that fall into the following subject areas.

  • Art books with high quality color illustrations, both art history & how-to books
  • Artist biographies
  • Music books, both music history & song/score books
  • Musician biographies
  • Maps of the Adirondacks
  • Adirondack hiking, skying, canoeing, etc. books
  • Adirondack trail books

For a smattering of more specific titles . . .

Children’s Books Wish List

There are so many treasured books, both old and new, that we wish were available to our younger readers. Picture books, chapter books, young adult novels…the list could go on forever.

View a sampling of our “I wish, I really, really wish” list.

Audio Books and Movie Wish-list

We are perennially hungry for Audio Books on CD and Movies on DVD. Any and all titles, really, for we do our best to cater to all tastes. So if you have CDs and DVDs that have reached the point of “been there, done that” and you no longer want them collecting dust on your media shelves, consider your local library. We would certainly put them to good use.
N.B. We are no longer accepting Audio Books on Cassette tapes, or Movies on VHS tapes.

Music CD Wish-list

This is bottomless pit of desire for us. All genres are acceptable, although we do prefer music that would be considered classic (in the very broadest sense of the word). Whenever you find yourself thinking about chucking that stack of “Oldies”, consider chucking them our way.
N.B. If they are unplayable, however, we really, truly can’t use them.

Historic Photo Wish-list

Do you sometimes wonder how many wonderful old Westport photographs are hidden away from sight in albums, drawers and boxes throughout the area? We do. If you have photographs of historic Westport that don’t appear in our online Photo Gallery, perhaps you might consider allowing us to scan those photographs so we can include the images in the gallery? It’s a painless procedure, and we could accomplish the task in either of two ways:

  • Just contact us to arrange for a scanning appointment. At the mutually agreed time bring the photos to the library. We will scan them on the spot and immediately return the originals to you.
  • If  you don’t have time to wait (the scanning process can be rather time-consuming), you can choose to leave the photographs with us and pick them up at a later date. Rest assured, we’ll care for your photographs as if they were our own.

Either way, we’d love to include your Old Westport photos in our online gallery so that others can share in the delight of meandering through the bygone years.


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