The library uses an inter-library loan system that allows us to borrow books for you from not only libraries in the Clinton Essex Franklin Library System, but also the North Country Library System.

Please check out our Inter-library Loan information page here for more information.

The Westport Library provides a free wireless internet service that is suitable for all internet enabled portable devices. The network is open and unrestricted so no password is required to connect.

If you do happen to experience difficulty connecting, ask the staff for help.

Using the online library catalog is not difficult.

Check out this page to learn how.

The Westport Library's holdings, as well most of the member libraries in the Clinton Essex Franklin Library System, are accessible online via the system's catalog.

Although the library receives a certain amount of government support each year, the majority of library expenses, over two-thirds, are met by individual donations.

To see a graphical representation of the library's yearly income and expenses, please click here.

The library is owned by the Westport Library Association, a non-profit organization governed by a board of trustees.

For more information see this page.

The short answer is no. Cell phone usage in any library disrupts the usually quiet and contemplative atmosphere that most library patrons and visitors expect and require.

Please be considerate and turn off your audible ringer before entering the library.

And if you do receive a call while in the library building and you must answer it, please vacate the building before starting a phone conversation. Thank you.

The Westport Library has many opportunities for volunteer work. Please check this page to learn more.

Most library services are provided free of charge. No charge is levied when applying for a library card, there are no annual fees, and items can be borrowed at no cost.

Of course because the library is a self-supporting non-profit organization, donations are always welcome.

The library's internet usage policy can be found here.

To use one of the laptops you need to first enter your name and the time on the sign-up sheet at the front desk.

Usage time is limited to 30 minutes per person. If someone is waiting and your time is up, please be considerate and vacate your seat promptly.

You may sign in for another session and wait till a laptop becomes available.

The library's internet usage policy can be found here.

The Westport Library's borrowing rules are straight forward and reasonable.

Learn more here.

The library has a fax machine available for public use. The staff will be happy to assist you if help is needed.

The cost for sending the first five pages is $1.00, plus an additional $0.50 per page for every page after that.

All overdue items incur fines. You can learn the specifics here.

We are usually happy to accept books that are clean, mold-free, and in good condition. We might choose to absorb some of these donated books into our permanent collection, but the majority will most likely end up in our annual book sale.

Books that we definitely cannot accept include Reader's Digest Condensed Books, Encyclopedias, Text Books of any type, Periodicals, Magazines, and Comics.

And please be kind; do not leave donations of books at the library without approval by library staff (especially not on the porch). We need to see all donated books before we accept them.

Charges are incurred for all lost and damaged books.

You can learn the specifics here.

Your Westport Library Card can be used at almost all of the libraries that are members of the Clinton Essex Franklin Library System.

For a comprehensive list of member libraries, visit this page.

We are always interested in receiving suggestions for new books. Learn more here.


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