So many personalities, so many talents, and so many volunteering opportunities to choose from. Might any of the following describe you, at least in part?

  • You’ve dealt with itchy green thumbs for years and years.
  • There’s no hiding the fact that you have an irrepressible social streak.
  • You’re just plain handy or perhaps like a good workout.
  • Would the words “Closet Librarian” sum you up?
  • You are especially young at heart.
  • Your driving obsession is a bibliographic one.
  • Your heart quickens at the mere suggestion of a creative venture.
If any of the above rang true, have we got some ideas for you. Read on.

For those with itchy green thumbs:

Help the library's greenery stay green.

  • Water and provide care for the indoor plants.
  • Water and provide care for the outdoor potted and barreled plants.
  • Help maintain outdoor shrubs.
  • Adopt a section of the library gardens and shower it with TLC.
  • Assist with cleaning up the library lawns after storms and squirrel attacks - fallen leaves, branches, and boughs.
  • Help out with seasonal grounds cleanups and maintenance.

For those with irrepressible social streaks, or for those who simply enjoy social gatherings:

Library fundraisers and cultural events are always in need of helping hands.

  • Help with setting up and closing down.
  • Crew stations, desks, tables, or booths.
  • Be a host or hostess - assist guests and help them feel right at home.
  • Help serve food and beverages.
  • Hand out information pamphlets.
  • Brainstorm and suggest new ideas for future library events.

For those who are handy or just like a good workout:

Help keep the library building and grounds beautiful.

  • Clean windows.
  • Clean light fixtures - not for those with dead-fly phobias.
  • Periodically dust and de-cobweb the overhead beams, stairwells, and basement area.
  • Keep the library walks swept in the summer and shoveled in the winter.
  • Keep firewood stacked on the porch during the colder months.
  • Pitch in at library working bees.

For those who are closet librarians:

Help the library staff keep the library functioning at peak performance

  • Shelve books and other library items.
  • Tidy book shelves and make sure items are in order - shelf reading.
  • Assist with book processing - tasks range from covering books to applying cataloging pockets and stickers.
  • Assist with book repairs - help bring injured books back to life!
  • Maintain the magazine collection - sort and organize by title & date, and weed out old issues.

For those especially young at heart:

Inspire children to fall in love with books

  • Help out at the regular children's story hour.
  • Create a summer reading program.
  • Be a reader at a summer reading program.
  • Create varied children's events and activities throughout the year.
  • If you have performance skills, what about putting on a show for the kids?
  • Keep the children's room neat and ordered.

For those with bibliographical obsessions:

Help us expand the library's collection in quality directions.

  • Suggest favorite books you feel would improve the library's collection.
  • Zero in on a library collection you see as lacking (e.g. Young Adult) and cobble together a list of memorable titles that you believe would lift the collection out of its doldrums.
  • Talk to friends who have quality titles they no longer want and tell them of the good they would be doing if they donated them to the library.
  • If you are very knowledgeable in a particular subject area, consider compiling a list of "must read" books for that subject.
  • Take up the task of tracking down starred reviewed books each month and presenting a list to the librarian to consider for purchase.
  • Suggest new subjects that the library might consider for its nonfiction collection.

For those with artistic and/or journalistic skills:

Help us present the library in its best possible light.

  • Decorate the library for holidays, special occasions, and for the changing seasons.
  • Showcase and display particular sections of the library's collection.
  • Create eye-catching banners and fliers for upcoming library events.
  • Assist with scanning and digitizing the library's collection of historic photographs and documents - requires a good eye and a meticulous approach.
  • Help setup and maintain an online newsletter.
  • Research our archives and help compile a more comprehensive library history.
  • Write newsy library articles and become a regular library blog contributor.
  • Compose and/or collect library anecdotes and/or library histories.
  • Take digital photos of library events for posting on the library's blog or galleries.

If you are interested in volunteering at the library, please contact the library's volunteer coordinator, Linda Rockefeller:

E-mail: rocksbay1 AT aol DOT com

Phone: (518) 962-2799

Or talk to the library staff.


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