Book Clubs

Book clubs host friendly gatherings to discuss books that group’s members have been reading. These gatherings are wonderful opportunities to deepen your understanding of literature, explore your literary likes and dislikes, and hang out with people who share your passion for the written word.

The Westport Library Book Club

The Book Club usually meets in the library on the second Tuesday of the month at 3:00pm. Due to Summer’s plethora of outdoor activities and overall busyness, there are no meetings July or August. If sanity prevails during December, this month’s meeting is also skipped.

To avoid disappointment, please check the Book Club’s schedule below. If it is not listed, it is not happening. You can also view the Book Club listings on the Event Calendar.

If you have any questions and/or you would like to make suggestions for books, email Ellen Anderson at ellenfewanderson AT gmail DOT com, or phone her at (518) 962-4022.

Upcoming book discussions

We do our best to have a number of copies of each relevant book at the library for a period of several weeks before each scheduled meeting. Drop in, borrow a copy, then come to the next Book Club gathering fully prepared and ready to chat.

The Mystery Book Club

The Westport Library’s Mystery Book Club meets informally on the third Tuesday of each month with no specific books assigned for reading. Instead members gather to talk about favorite authors and titles in the extensive and popular Mystery genre.

Check out the listings on the Event Calendar for the Mystery Book Club’s next meeting.

Questions can be addressed to Ellen Anderson at ellenfewanderson AT gmail DOT com, or phone her at (518) 962-4022.


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